Different weather conditions require different beauty products. It’s been warm and sunny the past couple of weeks so automatically my skin/hair care routine has changed. In this blog post I wanted to share some of my favourite beauty products that I use throughout summer.

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  1. Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love fragrance mist and lotion. When it’s hot outside I  much prefer wearing a fragrance mist rather than eau de perfume – a body mist feels lighter and more fresh. Also I love when my fragrance and body lotion is matching, so this VS set is my absolute fave.
  2. Corine de Farme bronzing oil. Not only does this spray accelerates the tanning process but it also smells amazing and makes your skin glowing.
  3. Syoss shine-sealing finish fluid. Who doesn’t love rocking shiny beach waves in summer? This hair product is by far one of my all time favourites. It makes your hair shiny but doesn’t leave a greasy feeling to it as oppose to most hair oils.
  4. Gucci Flora eau de toilette. As I said previously, I prefer body mists in summer. However, for going out or a special occasion this Gucci fragrance is an absolute summer must-have.


Sheer is one of the key tends of spring/summer 2018. Although at first it seems like a really brave decision to wear something that is almost see-through out, when styled the right way, even one sheer piece of clothing can make a basic outfit fashionable. Even though sheer used to be considered nighttime wear only, the past few seasons as well as the upcoming one it’s said to be rather chic than risqué.

One of the easiest ways of styling sheer garments is layering, for example wearing a mini skirt that has a long layer of sheer fabric over the top. Layering always helps to remain comfortable and covered when you’re not in the mood of showing too much skin.













A layer of sheer also works well when added in between you jacket and top. It adds an extra element to the basic jeans and a jacket combo.

Last but not least, one of my favourite ways to wear something sheer is quite simple: a bralette (or just a basic bra) underneath a see-through top. A perfect look for going out as well as to be worn during the day – it all depends on what accessories/shoes/bottoms you pair it with.

Like the whole outfit


Favourite Spring/Summer 2018 trends

Even though I feel like my first year being a university student is going too quick and I can’t believe it’s going to be over in less than two months, I can’t help but wish summer was here already. As the weather is getting warmer and warmer and I am super excited to be able to wear shorts and mini skirts without freezing to death again, in this blog post I wanted to share some of my favourite fashion trends for the upcoming season.


Sequins were seen in almost every fashion show for SS18, including Chanel, Dior and Marc Jacobs, so to say that sparkles and sequins will be trending this summer is an understatement.


Even though checks were also a thing last season, they are going nowhere for the season ahead.


Perfect for a rainy day – both cute and practical


Even though most of my wardrobe is black, recently I’ve been wanting to add more bright coloured clothing pieces to it. As seen on catwalk, this summer is going to bee very bald and bright indeed.

Stella McCartney

Basically, it’s all about what lies beneath next season.



Utility Extremes


Utility extremes is an up-coming trend story for Spring/Summer 2018. This trend story isCC41_mark strongly connected to history, since utility clothing was first introduced in 1941 by the British government. During World War II there was a huge shortage of clothing materials and labour in the fashion industry, hence the Board of Trade spnsored the creation of utility clothing that was marked with the tag CC41 and had to meet tight regulations regarding the amount of materials and labour used in the creation of the garments. The simple and practical designs of utility clothing were comissioned from well-known fashion designers, for example Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies.
109379Utility extremes suggest that fashion should be functional rather than attractive, which indicates that people in the modern society are extremely busy and fashion has to adapt to the fast pace of people’s lives. For this reason, the up-coming season must-have clothing pieces will be windbreakers, suits and shorts that are hard-wearing, modern but most importantly both practical and comfortable. However, the fabrics are going to be more luxurious than is usually associated with utalitarian garments. Shorts are a huge part of this trend story because of their origins to the military, which has strong links to utility and its extremes. The firt possible example of shorts that are worn in the contemporary society is the uniform that was worn by Gurkha soldiers of the Nepalese army in the 1880’s.
This trend can be seen on such catwalks as Tod’s, Prada, Sportmax and Gabriele Colangelo.