Not only does Rituel de Fille uses strong visual language but also the brand tends to use a lot of symbolism and references to alchemy – a form of chemistry and a magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new practiced in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Since alchemists of that time were often seen as outsiders, alchemy was often referenced as a secret form of art. All of Rituel de Fille’s products are formulated in-house hence the founders compare the process of making beauty products to potion-making. Such comparisons brings playfulness to the brand as well as a sense of mystery.


The visuals used in the 2016 campaign of Rare Light Luminizer resemble the symbol of the Philosopher’s Stone, which is a legendary substance that alchemists used to believe is able to turn common metals such as copper, iron or lead to gold, moreover has such powers as turning one immortal. Acquiring the stone was the ultimate goal for alchemists and even such scientists as Isaac Newton tried to achieve it. Even though noone ever sucseeded in aquiring the magic Philosopher’s Stone, a lot of new pigments were found due to continuous experimenting of the medieval alchemists.




Rituel de Fille is a beauty brand founded by the Ramos sisters who are deeply inspired by the magic side of natural products and the ceremonial power of pigment. All of their products are 99% natural, cruelty free and contain fewest possible ingredients. The brand emphasizes creativity, bald colours and strong, unique visuals. Rituel de Fille tells a story of being unique, mysterious and somewhat magical.

Since Rituel de Fille was founded by three sisters, it is clear that the brand values strong family bonds and close relationships. Rituel de Fille is not only a business plan, it is a passion and an obsession of the founders.


Writer, editor and fine artist. Katherine uses her writing skill to craft imagery, has valuable knowledge in history, symbolism and materials.


Makeup artist with a background in fashion editorial. Has an extraordinary gift in formulating products, deep knowledge in how ingredients interact with each other as well as uses her talent in art at work to further develop the aesthetic of the brand.


Professional makeup artist who works with people in the entertainment industry. Finds product insight to emphasize the edgy and unique aesthetic of the brand.