Even though most of us are completely in love with fast fashion – low prices, trendy clothes – it definitely has a dark side to it. Recently there have been made allegations that because of strict and short-timed deadlines in the fast fashion industry women are constantly being sexually and physically abused, according to unions and rights groups. Over 540 workers in factories that supply fast fashion giants GAP and H&M have reported that they have been harassed at work. It is nothing else but a consequence of the pressure to produce as many products in the least time possible for the cheapest possible price in such countries as India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Even though there have been many claims of abuse in previously mentioned workplaces, according to Tola Moeun, director of Central Cambodia, an NGO involved in the research, this is the daily reality of female garment makers in the fast fashion industry and “most of these cases are not reported due to fear of retaliation in the workplace.”



H&M ‘monkey’ jumper


Last week there was an outrage over the picture above that appeared on the H&M website. In the past black people have been compared to monkeys so it was an awful idea for the Swedish retailer to publish pictures of a black boy modeling the top that says ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’. The scandal made such celebrities as The Weeknd and G-Eazy cut ties with the brand and completely changed my outlook on H&M as well.

However, some people are trying to make money out of this whole thing. Even though H&M apologized for making the mistake and withdrew the hoodie, someone is trying to sell his son’s second hand top on eBay for over $1000.



It is sad that racism still exists in this day of age and that such major retailers as H&M don’t look at their products careful enough.