Visual merchandising in New York

As fashion students, me and my friends were interested in just walking around the streets in New York and taking pictures of window displays of  high-end stores. What I can tell is that people in New York do take it seriously when it comes to visual merchandising. Every store has a completely different and unique window display and even the architecture of every store in midtown Manhattan is stunning. We probably spent more than an hour just walking in the 5th avenue and appreciating everything around us haha.

Some of my favourite window displays were Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and Gucci. Even though they’re all completely different, I loved them.

Last but not least, I obviously loved window displays of Bergdorf Goodman.


VS X Balmain

While in New York, I happened to cross a Victoria’s Secret store and of course walked in to take a look at some of their products and lingerie. What I realised after was that the store actually had an exhibition upstairs of the collaboration between Victoria’s Secret and the French fashion house Balmain.


I personally adore this collaboration since I’m a big fan of both Balmain and Victoria’s Secret. The collection has the right amount of glam and punk to it and that makes the lingerie items unique and stunning. As Oliver Rousteing said,  “I need to make sure that this punk is glam, and to bring punk to a couture level. It can’t look like punk on the street.” In my opinion, he succeeded.


When you see the garments that models actually wore in real life rather than on television, it makes you appreciate it even more. Everything is done extremely neatly – even the smallest details look perfect.


The Museum of Modern Art

Since I spent last week in New York, I had the opportunity to visit quite a few wonderful places there. One of them is MoMA – one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world. The museum has a huge collection of photography, prints, paintings, architecture and design and so on.

What I enjoyed the most about MoMA was the exposition Is fashion modern?. It shows how trends keep repeating themselves over the years and that quite a lot of clothing items that seem to be new and are trendind at the moment were actually worn ages ago.

November beauty favourites


Since today is the last day of November, I wanted to share a few beauty products that I’ve been loving this month and highly recommend.

1. Sleek Makeup highlighting palette in Solstice 032


I got this absolutely gorgeous palette as a gift for my birthday and have been using it every day ever since. It consists of 1 cream and 3 powder highlighter shades that give the most perfect glow ever.

2. Batiste dry shampoo


I have tried a lot of different kinds of dry shampoos but this one is my all time fave. Not only does it give your hair volume and a fresh look, but also the scent of it is sooo nice.

3. Loreal Skin Perfection micellar water


In my opinion using micellar water is the easiest and most convenient way to remove your make up. This product does exactly what it says on the label hence I love it and use it daily.

4. NYX matte lipstick in Butter


This is my another favourite product of all time. It’s the most beautiful nude shade ever that can be worn both daytime and on nights out. Its quality is really good as well since it stays on for a very long time and doesn’t smudge at all. I’m definitely going to repurchase it after running out.

5. Oriflame refreshing eye illuminator 


This eye cream actually helps to reduce the puffiness and darkness under the eyes. I use it every morning and evening before applying moisturizer.

6. Calvin Klein CK One fragrance


The bottle that I own is a travel size one so it’s an absolute essential in my handbag. The scent is unisex, very light and has refreshing tones of bergamot, lemon and mandarin.


Thank you for reading 💞

Creams Cafe

Since almost everyone loves a good dessert every once in a while, I couldn’t not share a place that I discovered recently – Creams Cafe. It is a really nice cafe that can be found in a lot of places around the UK that serves huge portions of delicious desserts including waffles, puddings, sundaes and crepes.

When I was there I ordered the ‘Saucy Strawberries’ waffle. Even though I was extremely hungry at that time, I couldn’t finish my dessert. The portions at Creams Cafe are enormous so it’s definitely worth the money. If you go there with a friend, a good idea would be to order one dessert for two people ’cause it’s so filling.

I would 100% recommend the place not only for the amazing food but also for the nice interior. It is a very cute place to take pictures and just chill with your friends while tasting some divine desserts.

creams cafe

FCP sketchbook


As a part of the Fashion Communication & Promotion course at Nottingham Trent University everyone must have a sketchbook, in which one basically has to research various things related to the course or the fashion industry. When I first heard about the whole sketchbook thing, not gonna lie I had mixed feelings about it, since I’ve never done anything similar to that before. But now I quiet enjoy it and even find it relaxing. I usually sip on tea and listen to my favourite songs while cutting and sticking down various imagery to my sketchbook.


Students were able to choose whatever format or appearance they prefer their sketchbook to be. Hence me being kind of a minimalist, I chose a simple A4 grey notepad – it looks clean and sophisticated.


What I like about it the most is that there are no strict rules – students can respond to lectures/seminars or do any kind of their own research in their sketchbooks. As the tutors said, they aren’t going to grade it by its looks or anything like that, it only has to be visible that one is engaged with the course.



Clothes To Die For


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Last night I watched a documentary film called Clothes To Die For. It was directed by Zara Hayes and produced by Sarah Hamilton and is about the tragedy that happened in Bangladesh when the Rana Plaza building collapsed.

This film makes you think about the negative side of the fashion industry and how the overconsumption of clothes in the modern society affects the poor. I was in shock after I heard that people in Bangladesh work in such terrible conditions and earn hardly anything compared to their working hours. Even adolescents who aren’t of legal age to work do it so their families wouldn’t have to live in poverty. These individuals work so hard not for themselves to have wonderful pieces of clothing. The majority of the production that they make is exported to Western countries, so that we could have excessive amounts of garments to wear. But do we really value their work? Nowadays the average consumer tends to often buy whatever that is on sale, doesn’t really matter if their gonna use it or not. I am also guilty of doing that. I would highly recommend everyone to watch Clothes To Die For, ’cause it makes you rethink your attitude towards the necessary number of garments that you need in your wardrobe.