JD.com planning to open hundreds of unmanned stores


A month ago the Chinese online retailer JD.com revealed that it is planning to open hundreds of convenience shops that aren’t going to have any staff in it. There will be cameras on the ceilings of the stores which will use facial recognition in order to track customer movements and traffic flow, selection of specific products and apparent customer preferences, according to the reports.

Customers won’t have to wait in a checkout line – that sounds like a dream. Technology nowadays is so advanced that it allows people to live fast paced lives way easier.

The Museum of Modern Art

Since I spent last week in New York, I had the opportunity to visit quite a few wonderful places there. One of them is MoMA – one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world. The museum has a huge collection of photography, prints, paintings, architecture and design and so on.

What I enjoyed the most about MoMA was the exposition Is fashion modern?. It shows how trends keep repeating themselves over the years and that quite a lot of clothing items that seem to be new and are trendind at the moment were actually worn ages ago.

My favourite marketing campaigns of 2017

Every brand strives to make its advertisement shocking, interesting or extremely visually pleasing so that it would get trending and attract more new customers. Some brands fail, but some succeed at creating such interesting short videos that actually stay in your mind after watching them. In this blog post I’m sharing with you my top 3 favourite marketing campaigns of the year 2017.


I found this campaign interesting to watch since the video showcases how two completely different people meet up for the first time ever. At first they don’t known that they’re complete opposites of each other and after they find that out, they get to choose whether they want to leave the room or discuss their differences while enjoying Heineken together.



This advert shows various shots of nature that were shot using the camera of an iPhone. It’s kind of hard to believe that the clips were made using a phone since the quality is so good. Most importantly, not only this advert is very visually pleasing, but also it has an important message to it.



This is a comedy advert that makes fun of the playlists that are made for certain moods. It’s short, ironic but works great for marketing purposes.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British retailer found in 1994 by a businessman Joseph Corré and his now ex-wife Serena Rees. The brand sells lxury lingerie, beauty products as well as loungewear. It is known for its scandalous and extravagant designs that include the use of lace, mesh and other fabrics to create a romantic look to the garment.


The first Agent Provocateur shop was opened in Soho, London, the area that used to be associated with sex work and nightlife. Right now Agent Provocateur stores can be found in 13 different countries


Agent Provocateur is a quite well known lingerie brand. However, it is not a brand one would shop at all the time – its products are considered an investment that is hard to afford for a young consumer.

McQueen and I

Image result for mcqueen and i

McQueen and I is a documentary film directed by  Louise Osmond. The film reveals the life story of the legendary British fashion designer Alexander McQueen – his early life, how he started working in the fashion industry as well as his tragic death. 


The film gives a glimpse into how Alexander McQueen used his talent to make a revolution in the fashion industry. McQueen was truly one-of-a-kind designer that was brave enough to showcase shocking and unique clothing collections even though they usually got bashed by the press of that time. The film really is a must-see for anyone that is at least somewhat interested in art and fashion.

Spotify expands to beauty

Nowadays the majority of the general public knows what Spotify means and a huge part of people use the previously mentioned digital music service. I personally use Spotify daily for one obvious reason – to listen to music, hence I was quite surprised when I read an article that said, that since the 13th of November Spotify started selling makeup.

source: www.businessoffashion.com


Spotify has been in a partnership with Merchbar to sell artists’ merchandise since last year, but the new expansion allows people to directly shop the look of a particular artist. This action can be seen in the Spotify page of musician Maggie Lindemann – it shows several offers for makeup products that have been created by the makeup brand Pat McGrath Labs. Users can purchase the products right after clicking the provided buy button and being redirected straight to Merchbar’s online store.


In my opinion Spotify has done a great move by introducing the ability to purchase beauty products through artists’ profiles, since it may attract more talented musicians to join the platform and help them earn a little more money aside from just streaming music.