Recently I’ve been seeing this campaign all over the internet, especially Instagram. It’s the new Tiffany & Co Spring 2018 campaign and wanted to share it with everyone because I found it quite different and unexpected from Tiffany’s.

It is clear that the luxury jewelry brand is trying to increase its sales by targeting a younger audience with this new advert. It features Elle Fanning and the soundtrack is by A$AP Ferg.



Guerilla marketing is a marketing strategy that helps businesses promote all kinds of products in a unique, unconventional and relatively cheap way. It was created by Jay Conrad Levinson back in 1984. I personally am a big fan of this type of promotion so in this blog post I wanted to share some of my favourite and most inspiring guerilla marketing examples.

Savage X Fenty


After an extremely successful launch of the makeup brand Fenty Beauty, which was included in TIME’s 25 Best Inventions of 2017, Rihanna is expanding her business to empire – she is launching a lingerie line. Earlier this month the singer started dropping hints of the upcoming launch and since today everyone can finally actually purchase the Savage X Fenty underwear collection.

Rihanna has always been a person who celebrates diversity and individuality and as she has said, ‘it was important to me to push the boundaries, but also create a line that women can see themselves in, I want to make people look and feel good, and have fun playing around with different styles.’

Savage X Fenty collection will include 90 pieces of lingerie, sleepwear and accessories. It comes with four different capsule collections:

  • On the Reg – everyday essentials like T-shirt bras and undies.
  • U Cute – lacy pieces that include femme-in-the-front, frisky-in-the-back bikini-cut knickers
  • Damn – sassy bodysuits, suspenders and all that
  • Black Widow – ultra sexy and risqué collection with half-cut bras, open-back bikini bottoms an embellished jumpsuits.

Same as Rihanna’s makeup line that has a huge range of different products for different skin tones, the underwear collection has a huge range of sizes. Bras are available from a 32A to 44DD, with lingerie, underwear and loungewear coming in sizes from XS to 3XL.

Capture planning to open hundreds of unmanned stores


A month ago the Chinese online retailer revealed that it is planning to open hundreds of convenience shops that aren’t going to have any staff in it. There will be cameras on the ceilings of the stores which will use facial recognition in order to track customer movements and traffic flow, selection of specific products and apparent customer preferences, according to the reports.

Customers won’t have to wait in a checkout line – that sounds like a dream. Technology nowadays is so advanced that it allows people to live fast paced lives way easier.

The Museum of Modern Art

Since I spent last week in New York, I had the opportunity to visit quite a few wonderful places there. One of them is MoMA – one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world. The museum has a huge collection of photography, prints, paintings, architecture and design and so on.

What I enjoyed the most about MoMA was the exposition Is fashion modern?. It shows how trends keep repeating themselves over the years and that quite a lot of clothing items that seem to be new and are trendind at the moment were actually worn ages ago.

My favourite marketing campaigns of 2017

Every brand strives to make its advertisement shocking, interesting or extremely visually pleasing so that it would get trending and attract more new customers. Some brands fail, but some succeed at creating such interesting short videos that actually stay in your mind after watching them. In this blog post I’m sharing with you my top 3 favourite marketing campaigns of the year 2017.


I found this campaign interesting to watch since the video showcases how two completely different people meet up for the first time ever. At first they don’t known that they’re complete opposites of each other and after they find that out, they get to choose whether they want to leave the room or discuss their differences while enjoying Heineken together.



This advert shows various shots of nature that were shot using the camera of an iPhone. It’s kind of hard to believe that the clips were made using a phone since the quality is so good. Most importantly, not only this advert is very visually pleasing, but also it has an important message to it.



This is a comedy advert that makes fun of the playlists that are made for certain moods. It’s short, ironic but works great for marketing purposes.