Not only does Rituel de Fille uses strong visual language but also the brand tends to use a lot of symbolism and references to alchemy – a form of chemistry and a magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new practiced in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Since alchemists of that time were often seen as outsiders, alchemy was often referenced as a secret form of art. All of Rituel de Fille’s products are formulated in-house hence the founders compare the process of making beauty products to potion-making. Such comparisons brings playfulness to the brand as well as a sense of mystery.


The visuals used in the 2016 campaign of Rare Light Luminizer resemble the symbol of the Philosopher’s Stone, which is a legendary substance that alchemists used to believe is able to turn common metals such as copper, iron or lead to gold, moreover has such powers as turning one immortal. Acquiring the stone was the ultimate goal for alchemists and even such scientists as Isaac Newton tried to achieve it. Even though noone ever sucseeded in aquiring the magic Philosopher’s Stone, a lot of new pigments were found due to continuous experimenting of the medieval alchemists.



This week in the FCP course we had to do a studio photo shoot for the brand we’ve been working on this whole module. My project group had our photo shoot scheduled on Thursday so after a lot of planning, on Wednesday we went to get all the props that we needed. Being students, we tried to find everything for as cheap as possible so most of the stuff we got is from shops like Poundland and Tiger. We ended up getting an inflatable swan, champagne glasses, prosecco, body oil, glitter, beach balls, raspberries and bananas. We were ready for the photo shoot the next day.

It was the first time having a photo shoot in a studio with a professional photographer for all of us, so at first it was a bit stressful and all over the place. However, after a few minutes we got the hang of it and it all went well – we got quite a few really good shots.


The next stage of the photo shoot was post-production. Since I’m definitely not a pro in Photoshop, it was quite a challenge to use the software.  But after looking at numerous Youtube tutorials I learned a few tricks and made some alright edits that we used in our final presentation.


Fragrance workshop

Today during our seminar we had the chance to learn the basics of creating a fragrance. It was a fun activity during which after first listening to some theoretical knowledge we got to create a fragrance ourselves.


The first thing that I learned today was that every fragrance is built in three layers:

  • TOP – instant impression, but fleeting ~ 30%
  • HEART – most important characteristics ~ 40%
  • BASE – lingers longest, roots the scent ~30%

Also I got familiar with some of the most common terminology that is used in the fragrance industry:

Eau de Toilette: a fragrance containing between 10-15% of concentrate in alcohol

Eau de Parfum: a fragrance containing between 15-20% of concentrate in alcohol

Eau de Cologne: originally means a composition based on citrus compounds. In concentration of perfume, it can also mean a fragrance that has less than 5-6% of concentrate in alcohol

Fragrance research in London

Yesterday the FCP course took a trip to London in order to do some research on our current project on fragrances. Me and a few other girls walked around central London and took loads of pictures of interesting fragrance stands and nice packaging in stores.

What really caught my eye was the gorgeous mother’s day floral box by Jo Malone. It’s an exclusive present that would make anyone receiving it happy.

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FCP outcomes photoshoot

Last week we had a task to do a photoshoot based on the following 5 words:

  • surrealism
  • theatrical
  • kitsch
  • feminine
  • fable

It was a group project and after a lot of time consumed by thinking of various ideas, we decided to stick with the idea of using makeup in an unexpected way, not like it is used on a daily basis. Also our photoshoot tells the story of how people nowadays are manipulated using beauty products as well as post production. It was our first kind of a serious photoshoot and even though we were stressing about it in the beginning, it was a fun process and we all were happy with the final results.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-06 at 20.10.35

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-06 at 20.10.41

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-15 at 20.20.47

Tim Gutt

Tim Gutt is a photographer that I discovered recently during my FCP seminar. We were analysing his Star Signs editorial for Vogue issue of December 2010.


My first thoughts of the imagery were that it’s really nice and creative. When we started visually analyzing the pictures as a group, we came up with these key points about the photographs:

  • every picture is of the same colour palette, gloomy colours are dominant
  • all are studio shot and staged
  • outfits of the model link with the background
  • images refer to mythological content and fairytales


Since I really liked this shoot, I wanted to do some more research on the photographer. It made me quite sad that no matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t able to find any information on him except from his Instagram page.


thank you for reading 💖