Even though I dyed my hair dark last week, I had my hair dyed blonde/balayage blonde for over two years prior to becoming a brunette. I absolutely loved being blonde but simply thought it was time for a change. Not going to lie, having bleached blonde hair really is high maintenance and the most annoying thing that comes with bleaching your hair is the yellow tones coming through. That’s why in this post I wanted to share with you what saved me from it.

After trying a bunch of products to tone my hair while still trying not to spend a fortune (I’m a poor student), the above products literally saved my life. Bleach London Silver Shampoo and Silver Conditioner do exactly as it says on the packaging – get rid of brassy yellow tones while moisturizing your hair. It doesn’t overtone your hair like most toning products tend to do and helps you achieve the cool tones without a lot of hassle. One thing I’d recommend though is using these products every other wash cause that is enough to maintain a cool blonde hair colour.

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