This week in the FCP course we had to do a studio photo shoot for the brand we’ve been working on this whole module. My project group had our photo shoot scheduled on Thursday so after a lot of planning, on Wednesday we went to get all the props that we needed. Being students, we tried to find everything for as cheap as possible so most of the stuff we got is from shops like Poundland and Tiger. We ended up getting an inflatable swan, champagne glasses, prosecco, body oil, glitter, beach balls, raspberries and bananas. We were ready for the photo shoot the next day.

It was the first time having a photo shoot in a studio with a professional photographer for all of us, so at first it was a bit stressful and all over the place. However, after a few minutes we got the hang of it and it all went well – we got quite a few really good shots.


The next stage of the photo shoot was post-production. Since I’m definitely not a pro in Photoshop, it was quite a challenge to use the software.  But after looking at numerous Youtube tutorials I learned a few tricks and made some alright edits that we used in our final presentation.


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