House of Z



House of Z is a 2016 documentary film directed by Sandy Chronopoulos about the one and only American fashion designer Zac Posen. It features his quick rise to fame, fall and an unexpected comeback.

Because of his incredible talent, uniqueness and charismatic personality, Zac Posen became a recognizable fashion designer at a really young age. The film clearly shows how his journey to great success did not come without cost – after a few highly successful fashion shows Zac felt more pressure than ever to create garments that are more and more shocking and that led to his painful fall. As “Vogue Runway” director Nicole Phelps stated at the start of ‘House of Z,’ ‘He’s the designer who we got to watch fall.’ At some point it seemed that it will be impossible for Zac to come back into the fashion industry but he managed to prove everyone wrong and right now he is one of the most distinctive people in the business.


I personally really enjoyed watching this film. It portrays how emotional it is for someone to fall after achieving great success and teaches how every person should never give up on their dreams even if things don’t go well. Zac Posen is a true inspiration and a unique fashion designer that could never be replaced.

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