Utility Extremes


Utility extremes is an up-coming trend story for Spring/Summer 2018. This trend story isCC41_mark strongly connected to history, since utility clothing was first introduced in 1941 by the British government. During World War II there was a huge shortage of clothing materials and labour in the fashion industry, hence the Board of Trade spnsored the creation of utility clothing that was marked with the tag CC41 and had to meet tight regulations regarding the amount of materials and labour used in the creation of the garments. The simple and practical designs of utility clothing were comissioned from well-known fashion designers, for example Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies.
109379Utility extremes suggest that fashion should be functional rather than attractive, which indicates that people in the modern society are extremely busy and fashion has to adapt to the fast pace of people’s lives. For this reason, the up-coming season must-have clothing pieces will be windbreakers, suits and shorts that are hard-wearing, modern but most importantly both practical and comfortable. However, the fabrics are going to be more luxurious than is usually associated with utalitarian garments. Shorts are a huge part of this trend story because of their origins to the military, which has strong links to utility and its extremes. The firt possible example of shorts that are worn in the contemporary society is the uniform that was worn by Gurkha soldiers of the Nepalese army in the 1880’s.
This trend can be seen on such catwalks as Tod’s, Prada, Sportmax and Gabriele Colangelo.

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