My opinion on Kylie Cosmetics

You either love her or hate her but you have to admit that Kylie Jenner is a successful business woman. At such a young age Kylie has already released a clothing line with her sister Kendall Jenner, been named one of the most influential teens in the world and most importantly owns a cosmetics company that is expected to be wort more than $1 Billion by 2022. These are only a few achievements of the 20-year-old. But in today’s post I wanted to share a few thoughts that I have on the previously mentioned empire – Kylie Cosmetics.


First of all, I have to admit that I don’t own any of Kylie’s products, the opinions that I’ll share are all based on other people’s reviews and statistics.

So the first few products that Kylie has released were the lip kits. Last year everyone was raving about the matte liquid lipsticks that would sell out so fast that hardly anyone was able to get their hands on the lip kits at first. Later on the lip glosses, eyeshadows and other products were released. As seen in reviews on Youtube it seems that the products are really good quality and worth the money, hence Kylie Cosmetics instantly became a successful makeup brand.

A recent thing that quite amazed me was the Kylie Cosmetics Truck that was rolling through L.A. just a week ago. I personally have never seen or heard about anything similar to that before and I think this is a brilliant new way for the brand to merchandise its production through a visual space like that truck. The truck featured this year’s Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection, lip kits, lipsticks, lip liners, kylighters, ultagrows, palettes and accessories, including panties, socks, and hats from the Kylie Shop. People who were queuing to order the previously mentioned products were also given out vanilla cupcakes with the famous lip kit logo to ease the wait time.


Even though I would love to try Kylie Cosmetics products, its recent release shocked me (as well as quite a lot of well-known people in the beauty industry). If you’ve been keeping up with news about Kylie you probably know what I’m talking about already – the makeup brushes.


I mean, at first sight these look cute. And you would expect the set to be quite expensive not only because you think it’s going to be good quality but because of the brand name. BUT excuse me, $360.00 ??? Okay, it is a full, 16-piece set of real hair makeup brushes. But still, is it a sensible price?

I’m including a review of the brush set that seems to be very honest and straightforward to me.

First thing that is said about the set – the packaging. As Laura Lee said and as it is clearly visible in the video footage, the packaging of the brushes looks cheap and that is not what one would expect after splurging so much money. A few things that I noticed as well are that there is no eyeliner brush and in my opinion this is a crucial brush in a full set.

All in all, I have mixed feelings about Kylie Cosmetics. Although some of the products and marketing strategies seem to be brilliant, some of the stuff that the brand is selling seems to be completely overpriced and not worth all the fuss.

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