Spotify expands to beauty

Nowadays the majority of the general public knows what Spotify means and a huge part of people use the previously mentioned digital music service. I personally use Spotify daily for one obvious reason – to listen to music, hence I was quite surprised when I read an article that said, that since the 13th of November Spotify started selling makeup.



Spotify has been in a partnership with Merchbar to sell artists’ merchandise since last year, but the new expansion allows people to directly shop the look of a particular artist. This action can be seen in the Spotify page of musician Maggie Lindemann – it shows several offers for makeup products that have been created by the makeup brand Pat McGrath Labs. Users can purchase the products right after clicking the provided buy button and being redirected straight to Merchbar’s online store.


In my opinion Spotify has done a great move by introducing the ability to purchase beauty products through artists’ profiles, since it may attract more talented musicians to join the platform and help them earn a little more money aside from just streaming music.


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