Tim Walker 2013. VISUAL ANALYSIS


In the centre of the photograph there is a skinny girl with pale skin and long white hair sitting on a deer. Both the animal’s and the girl’s bodies are seen from the side, however their heads are turned forward. We can see the deer in its full height. The girl is touching her face with both of her hands, her left leg is bent and right leg is behind the animal so it is not fully visible. The girl is wearing a long bright blue see-through garment that also covers half of the animal she is sitting on. The most dominant hue in the picture is blue. The background above girl’s head is filled with leafless trees and bright sky can be seen in the empty spaces between tree branches. The background on the bottom of the picture is filled with weeds, grass, plenty of branches that had fallen off the trees and a numerous amount of tiny white flowers.

The subject matter of the picture is no doubt the model. The girl’s skin is extremely pale and her hair is platinum blond, hence there is a vast contrast between her features and the relatively dark background. Most of the picture is painterly, however the tree branches in the background seem to be linear. Also, the repetition of the trees in the background make the girl and the deer she’s sitting on stand out more. It looks like the girl is somewhat merged with the animal, repetition can be seen in their postures as well as the girl’s hair looks kind of alike to the deer’s horns. Moreover, contrast can be seen between the background being very busy and the girl looking plane and pure. However, the deer almost merges with the background because of its colour being very similar to the colour of the trees in the background. The photograph looks a bit similar to other images taken by Tim Walker:



This image is a bit similar to the previous one by its colour palette, as well as a pale model being the centre of attention. In both pictures the background has to do a lot with nature – there are trees and other plants involved in the composition.






Another photograph made by Tim Walker has a few similarities to the previous one because of its mysterious mood and again – a pale blonde model is in the centre of attention.



Cool tones of the image create a dramatic and mysterious, somewhat magical mood. Moreover, the see-through cloth gives the photograph a romantic and sultry look, while the white hair and pale skin of the girl look pure and innocent. Girl’s hair is tangled to the branches of the trees hence it looks like she belongs to the forest and is a part of nature. Both the mysterious mood of the photograph and the fact that the girl is comfortably sitting on a deer makes it look like the girl may have been living in the forest with other animals, maybe is a witch, fairy or other mythological creature.

Can the girl be the deer lady? The deer lady is a spirit in Native American mythology and is associated with love and fertility. She is told to appear as either a beautiful youthful woman or a deer, but can the fact that the girl’s complexion is flawless, she looks young and is sitting on a deer say that she may be the previously mentioned mythological creature?

Can the girl could also be a reference of the Mori Girl, but in a more Western way? The Mori Girl is a fashion trend which originated in Japan and means the forest girl in the English language. Key aspects to this trend are loose dresses and earthy tones, which can be seen in the image.

All in all, I find this photograph very fascinating. The composition and the colour palette of the picture is very visually pleasing and the idea behind the picture seems to be very pure and romantic. I think that Tim Walker has made a brilliant job with this photograph.


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