Clothes To Die For


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Last night I watched a documentary film called Clothes To Die For. It was directed by Zara Hayes and produced by Sarah Hamilton and is about the tragedy that happened in Bangladesh when the Rana Plaza building collapsed.

This film makes you think about the negative side of the fashion industry and how the overconsumption of clothes in the modern society affects the poor. I was in shock after I heard that people in Bangladesh work in such terrible conditions and earn hardly anything compared to their working hours. Even adolescents who aren’t of legal age to work do it so their families wouldn’t have to live in poverty. These individuals work so hard not for themselves to have wonderful pieces of clothing. The majority of the production that they make is exported to Western countries, so that we could have excessive amounts of garments to wear. But do we really value their work? Nowadays the average consumer tends to often buy whatever that is on sale, doesn’t really matter if their gonna use it or not. I am also guilty of doing that. I would highly recommend everyone to watch Clothes To Die For, ’cause it makes you rethink your attitude towards the necessary number of garments that you need in your wardrobe.

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