Get to know me 2.0

Well hello, it’s my second (and final) time introducing myself in this blog. Last time I didn’t manage to post anything more than an introduction, so I’m going to give it another shot at blogging. Not only do I have more free time but also plenty of motivation to post here frequently now, hence I hope you will keep up with my journey 😇

So why did I decide to become a blogger? Well, I’ve always loved being occupied by activities that are on the creative side. I have quite a lot of ideas floating in my mind of what to write about. One of my most favourite quotes to live by is “If you never try, you’ll never know”, so really, who knows, maybe some people will find it interesting to read my blog.

As a rule I have to drop some facts about myself in this post, so here I go. I am an eighteen-year-old girl from a tiny country in the Eastern side of Europe, Lithuania. I live in Klaipeda, a city that is near the Baltic sea, therefore I fell in love with the ocean through the years of constantly hearing its breeze.

Although the education system in my country differs from everywhere else, I’m a senior in high school, if I could say so ’cause I feel and often act like a freshman. Moving on to the things that are right up my street, I am interested in fashion, acting, beauty and photography. Tbh I don’t think I’m neither very good nor terrible at these areas, so you’ll be able to see for yourself and decide, if you keep reading my blog.

What to expect from this blog? Honestly, as I’ve already mentioned, I’m highly interested in fashion and beauty, therefore I will probably post a lot of outfits and makeup looks here. But honestly, I won’t label this blog as a ‘fashion blog’ or anything, ’cause I’ll most likely share a lot of other fun stuff as recipes, pictures taken by me or any thoughts that keep going through my mind.

Before I leave, I will drop some of my totally random photos and social media links.

Thank you for reading this post darling   ❤





Snapchat: gerdakazl 👻

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