Even though most of us are completely in love with fast fashion – low prices, trendy clothes – it definitely has a dark side to it. Recently there have been made allegations that because of strict and short-timed deadlines in the fast fashion industry women are constantly being sexually and physically abused, according to unions and rights groups. Over 540 workers in factories that supply fast fashion giants GAP and H&M have reported that they have been harassed at work. It is nothing else but a consequence of the pressure to produce as many products in the least time possible for the cheapest possible price in such countries as India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Even though there have been many claims of abuse in previously mentioned workplaces, according to Tola Moeun, director of Central Cambodia, an NGO involved in the research, this is the daily reality of female garment makers in the fast fashion industry and “most of these cases are not reported due to fear of retaliation in the workplace.”





The revolutionary accessory designer Kate Spade has been found dead in her New York apartment from suicide by hanging.

Kate was the first designer to create the first ever ‘It’ bags back in the 90s. Kate Spade and her husband and business partner Andy Spade founded the business in 1993. Kate Spade as a brand has been described as a symbol of 1990s New York City.

As Kate’s family said in a statement: “We loved Kate dearly and will miss her terribly. We would ask that our privacy be respected as we grieve during this very difficult time.”

Kate was suffering from both anxiety and depression for many years and was working closely with a team of doctors to get medical help. According to Andy Spade, the night before the tragedy she sounded happy and well. There were no sings or warnings of the upcoming incident.

Recent statistics show that there is a worrying increase in suicide rates all over the world. Among women, 45- to 64-year-olds have the highest rate. This sad incident reminds us all once again that we need  to constantly be looking after each other and brings awareness of how serious mental diseases are and that you never know what even your closest friend or relative is going through.



Recently I’ve been seeing this campaign all over the internet, especially Instagram. It’s the new Tiffany & Co Spring 2018 campaign and wanted to share it with everyone because I found it quite different and unexpected from Tiffany’s.

It is clear that the luxury jewelry brand is trying to increase its sales by targeting a younger audience with this new advert. It features Elle Fanning and the soundtrack is by A$AP Ferg.



After giving my eyelashes a break of about half a year, I recently got eyelashes extensions done once again since it’s summer now and it is extremely convenient to have them. In this post I wanted to share a few quick tips of how to take care of your eyelash extensions for them to look cute for as long as possible.

  1. COMB THEM. This is by far the most important thing since if you don’t do that, they’re gonna get all messed up and look not pretty but otherwise. Make sure you comb your lashes at least once every 2 days to keep them nice.
  2. KEEP THEM CLEAN. Always make sure to remove every single bit of makeup since if you don’t do that, they’ll fall out quicker. Removing eye makeup with a cotton pad is not enough when you have eyelash extensions, so after doing that dip a cotton bud in micellar water and clean your lashes once again.
  3. NO OIL!!!!!! This is the number one rule when it comes to eyelash extensions – never use any product that contains oil anywhere near your eyes.



Not only does Rituel de Fille uses strong visual language but also the brand tends to use a lot of symbolism and references to alchemy – a form of chemistry and a magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new practiced in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Since alchemists of that time were often seen as outsiders, alchemy was often referenced as a secret form of art. All of Rituel de Fille’s products are formulated in-house hence the founders compare the process of making beauty products to potion-making. Such comparisons brings playfulness to the brand as well as a sense of mystery.


The visuals used in the 2016 campaign of Rare Light Luminizer resemble the symbol of the Philosopher’s Stone, which is a legendary substance that alchemists used to believe is able to turn common metals such as copper, iron or lead to gold, moreover has such powers as turning one immortal. Acquiring the stone was the ultimate goal for alchemists and even such scientists as Isaac Newton tried to achieve it. Even though noone ever sucseeded in aquiring the magic Philosopher’s Stone, a lot of new pigments were found due to continuous experimenting of the medieval alchemists.




Rituel de Fille is a beauty brand founded by the Ramos sisters who are deeply inspired by the magic side of natural products and the ceremonial power of pigment. All of their products are 99% natural, cruelty free and contain fewest possible ingredients. The brand emphasizes creativity, bald colours and strong, unique visuals. Rituel de Fille tells a story of being unique, mysterious and somewhat magical.

Since Rituel de Fille was founded by three sisters, it is clear that the brand values strong family bonds and close relationships. Rituel de Fille is not only a business plan, it is a passion and an obsession of the founders.


Writer, editor and fine artist. Katherine uses her writing skill to craft imagery, has valuable knowledge in history, symbolism and materials.


Makeup artist with a background in fashion editorial. Has an extraordinary gift in formulating products, deep knowledge in how ingredients interact with each other as well as uses her talent in art at work to further develop the aesthetic of the brand.


Professional makeup artist who works with people in the entertainment industry. Finds product insight to emphasize the edgy and unique aesthetic of the brand.