Gloria Guiness

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Gloria Guiness (1913 – 1980) was a fashion icon as well as a contributing editor to Harper’s Bazaar. With her slender frame and classic features, Gloria was once called ‘the most elegant woman in the world’. She was at the same time one of the most stylish women of that time and one of the most mysterious.

Gloria Guiness was born in Mexico and ended up in Europe around the start of Second World War. When Gloria married  Loel Guinness (scion of the vast Guinness brewing & banking fortune) she maintained a remarkably bejeweled life. The couple owned 7 different residences around the world. They kept separate wardrobes for their houses so they were able to travel with little to no luggage. As Gloria has said, ‘you don’t have to waste time in customs, and you don’t have to declare anything. It’s wonderful!’

Guinness was dressed by such designers as  Cristóbal Balenciaga, Elsa Schiaparelli, Marc Bohan at Christian Dior,  Hubert de Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino Garavani.

Until this day Gloria Guiness is considered a fashion icon and an example of originality.

The Aesthete: Gloria Guinness

Celebrities at Coachella 2018

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the biggest and most known festivals in the world. It’s held annually and includes lots of performances by famous artists from many genres of music.

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Since I purchased tickets to Parklife festival the other day, I’ve been looking for festival fashion inspiration – even though Parklife is still two months away. Because Coachella is such a huge event lots of celebrities as well as social media influencers attend it. I thought that there’s no better way to find fashion inspiration for the upcoming festival season than to look through outfits that celebrities wore to Coachella this year, so below are some of my favourites.

Alessandra Ambrosio
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Romee Strijd
Elsa Hosk
Jasmine Tookes and Sara Sampaio
Hailey Baldwin
Taylor  Hill
Stella Maxwell

90s fashion inspo

Fashion nowadays is highly influenced by clothing items that were trending in the 1990s. Because of that, in this post I wanted to share with you some of my most favourite fashion trends that were popular in the 90s and are relevant today.

the slip dress






chainmail tops


high-cut swimsuits


pant suits


Fragrance research in London

Yesterday the FCP course took a trip to London in order to do some research on our current project on fragrances. Me and a few other girls walked around central London and took loads of pictures of interesting fragrance stands and nice packaging in stores.

What really caught my eye was the gorgeous mother’s day floral box by Jo Malone. It’s an exclusive present that would make anyone receiving it happy.

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The True Cost

Image result for the true costThe True Cost is a 2015 documentary film about fast fashion and what an immense negative impact it has on both the environment and people that work in the fashion industry. The worst negative aspects of fast fashion include river and soil pollution, pesticide contamination, disease and even death. The film also examines such issues of modern day society as overconsumption and global capitalism.  The documentary is a collage of several interviews with environmentalists, garment workers, factory owners, and people organizing fair trade companies or promoting sustainable clothing production.

In my opinion, this documentary is a must-see film. Every single person living in cutting edge society should be aware of what is actually happening around the world in response to our constant desire to purchase more and more cheap garments even when we actually don’t need them that much. The fact that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world is actually depressing, since fashion is a way of how people can express themselves and be as creative as they want. Mass consumption is such a big problem nowadays but people still tend to forget about it and rarely think about the fact that buying stuff that is of poor quality and is only going to be worn once or twice has its consequences on low-wage workers in third world countries as well as the environment that we live in. I strongly encourage everyone to watch this film because it may change one’s attitude towards the fashion industry at least a tiny bit.

H&M ‘monkey’ jumper


Last week there was an outrage over the picture above that appeared on the H&M website. In the past black people have been compared to monkeys so it was an awful idea for the Swedish retailer to publish pictures of a black boy modeling the top that says ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’. The scandal made such celebrities as The Weeknd and G-Eazy cut ties with the brand and completely changed my outlook on H&M as well.

However, some people are trying to make money out of this whole thing. Even though H&M apologized for making the mistake and withdrew the hoodie, someone is trying to sell his son’s second hand top on eBay for over $1000.



It is sad that racism still exists in this day of age and that such major retailers as H&M don’t look at their products careful enough.